Let Go

Crossed  by Ally Condie

The sequel to Matched and the second book in the Matched trilogy.

Cassia  – on a journey to find Ky and the Rising against the Society.

Ky – the main character,the potential Pilot

Indie –  mysterious, sneaky, and possibly dishonest. Indie wants to find the rebellion and join; this is why she has stayed with Cassia.

Vick –  caring and compassionate

Eli – A young boy whom Ky takes with him when he escapes from camp, because he reminds him of Cassia’s younger brother, Bram.

Hunter – a farmer from the carving, a mountain range in the Outer Provinces.

Crossing the Bar is a poem, an informal password between members of the rebellion



The fish’s scales are dull and orange. A rainbow without all the colors. Not real like the one Vick saw. But the best I can do. I want it to mark that not only that he died but that he loved someone and she loved him back.

Ky watches me with that look in his eyes, the one sad and full of love at the same time, the one he gives me when he knows something I don’t, something he thinks has been stolen from me.

How much do we have to show the people that we love? What pieces of my life do I have to lay bare, carve out, and put before her? Is it enough that I  have pointed the way who I am? Do I have to tell her how back in the Borough I was sometimes jealous and bitter about how different I was? How I wished I were Xander, or any of the other boys who got to keep going to school and who would at least have a chance?

Let go. Of my parents and the pain happened to them. Of all the people I failed to save or bury. Of my jealousy over Xander. Of my guilt over what happened to Vick.

My father might have been the reason all those people died. But he also helped make their lives bearable. He gave them hope. I used to think that didn’t matter but it does.

“You will.” Ky said then, but he’s not here now. Suddenly I remember the day I met him, that day at the clear blue pool.

I think of my second lost compass sinking to the bottom of the river, like the stone it was before Ky changed it.

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