Girlhood Rivalry

The Other Boleyn Girl,  Boleyn Series, Book 1,  by  Philippa Gregory

It’s astonishing to see that human beings being driven by lust for fortunes ,wealth and power are so pitiful. Women especially have no choice of their own lives at all back then. Annamaria and Marianne, both of them are as tragedy as the other,which makes the rivalry throughout their whole life so childish and meaningless.  It’s kinda sad to see Anna herself and the whole family  tried every means they can to get what they wants and end up with nothing. We all die in the end indeed, but maybe that’s why to live a real life itself is meaningful, but not money or power. People never learn, and always assume that they are the most favored and talented throughout the history, only they’re as ignorant as ever, if not worse.