Life While Ageing

How Hard Can It Be?  by Allison Pearson

Life has never been easy for women, nor for elders, let alone ageing women, especially those who want to get back on her feet in  work force.  Ageing is looming upon everyone. Can’t bear to think that I’m dying gradually, by gradually I mean every passing second. And all those tiny changes on my own familiar body to remind me of that dreadful fact !  How Hard Can It Be for an ageing women to sort out all the family problems, her own career and  her own decaying body? I guess it’s not as easy as it seems.

I used to be one of those who despise all people who give up on themselves, or so it seems for me. Surely it is simply not fair to assume that everyone has full access to resources as the others do. Information categorized as common sense may never reach those who really need it.

Do people should be held responsible for his or her, especially under some certain times like times when women were supposed to be sweet and silly, should be hold responsibility for his or her own personality problems? Is it fair that people should never complain about their own situation a mass because they themselves walked into it? I’ve come to realize that some times life doesn’t offer as many choices.