Over Fear Is Choices

The Choice  by Edith Eger

Edith Eger in Auschwitz, made to dance, survived.

Trauma is so common in China yet the suffer remains neglected or covered by all these seemingly odd or mad gaps between generations. People got hurt systematically, war, dehumanization, drought, or roaring price of a roof. They struggled and learned to live on with their pain. People are not born difficult, they become difficult.

I can always remember my grandfather’s face while telling these old memories of the traditional yet striking wedding with my grandma, and of the time when home got invaded by Japanese and the uprising fear everywhere, of the time when having to watch his children crying of hungry but could do nothing. All these holocausts happened in China simply got neglected or even denied. I don’t really approve the idea that grandson should pay their grandfather’s debt or something, but obviously history shouldn’t got purposely forgotten or worse, got twisted. War is war. Victims’ choice to forgive doesn’t mean rationalization of the wrong.