Comics Ⅰ- Mixed

Little Moments of Love  by Catana Chetwynd

Everyday moments of a pair of love-birds.

Be Prepared  by Vera Brosgol

Russian girl trying to fit in with American kids. With all these birthday party and camp thing, it’s weirdly sad to know how Vera tried desperately for other girls to like her. I guess we’re all doing basically the same kind of things all the time.

Am I There Yet?-The Loop-de-loop, Zigzagging Journey To Adulthood  by Mari Andrew

It is interesting to spot emotions as steps to growing up, things on a checklist that you should keep in mind. But sometimes it is the pilgrimage itself matters.

This One Summer  by Jillian Tamaki & Mariko Tamaki

swimming, gossips, and family problems

Dear Grandpa  by Kate Simpson & Ronojoy Ghosh

Saga, Volume 2  by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

The only problem for the series is that words are far too tiny for ebooks.