Danny Dragonbreath

Dragonbreath – Dragonbreath Series, Book 1 by Ursula Vernon

Each one of the series begins with a dream of Danny Dragonbreath. Then somehow Danny would bus to somewhere for adventure together with his best friend Wendell the iguana. Big Reddy the Komodo Dragon is the neighbourhood bully would just grab Danny’s lunch someday in each story.

Danny Dragonbreath learned to breath dragon fire during his adventure under the ocean.

Attack of the Ninja Frogs – Dragonbreath Series, Book 2

Curse of the Were-wiener -Dragonbreath Series, Book 3

Lair of the Bat Monster -Dragonbreath Series, Book 4

This whole series was finished during my vacation back home(and a lovely detour to New Zealand). Happy times just pass and never return. Sometimes I can feel the fading of all those memories of good old days with my family. What happens to the past if I don’t even remember it? Is it real? Does it make sense?