Toward Dream

The Tea Rose  by Jennifer Donnelly

Fiona’s timeline

Live a poor but happy life in London – Father killed – Mother & Brother & sister died – Childhood sweetheart married someone else because of  pregnancy – found the murderer of her father – be threatened and run to New York – found out uncle went bankrupt – met with a wealthy man who really loved her – married her friend to save him from a charge against  homosexual – tea business grew wildly – revenge -came back to New York and married Joe.

It’s a very good love fiction, and has every feature for that :murder & miscommunication & revenge & a totally different of life in another city. But this is exactly why I hate fictions. Most of them are just too much for real life. It makes me feel uneasy. Maybe I’m just not that into patriarchal love stories in which people would just jump out of punishment for their mistakes which is totally unfair.