Adventure in the High Seas

The Cloud Leopard’s Daughter  by Deborah Challinor

the final in The Smuggler’s Wife series

This whole book is about family and adventure, so what the hell is this cover about ? So good a story that I almost missed it out because of the kinda too-romantic-and-too-irrelevant cover. Maybe this cover is about somewhere in Dunedin, this this way it would make some sense.

Captain Rain Farrell, a reliable fellow


Amber the adopted daughter



Bao, The Cloud Leopard’s Daughter, and was supposed to be the next Cloud Leopard

Bao’s uncle Kai

Lee Longwei, a pirate with morals

Well I do love all of the crew and even the Chinese pirate captain Lee, but I don’t like Amber so much and especially her husband Tahi.

The author Deborah Challinor has an academic background of history, thus this whole adventure sets against great details and places, which makes it really an enjoyable read.