Ken Follett

A Column of Fire – Pillars of the Earth Series, Book 3  by Ken Follett

There’re five parts of this book yet I’ve spent a good part of the past two weeks on part one and even yet to finish. Anyway the reading is purely pleasant. @ 8th Sep

Part two finished, nice productive weekend @11th Sep

Mission accomplished @13th Sep.

Every time when I pick up a Ken Follett, I would always know my website will update no more for god-knows-how-long. I am holding a secret optimistic expectation that I could finish this one during the lovely windy days of September Suva, certainly not humid October.

The story of Kingsbridge begins from The Pillars of the Earth. A Column of Fire  is what happened on the same land to descendants of characters of the first book 500 hundred years after. Starts from Ned’s adolescent love and ends at his peaceful rest. Stories based on religious conflicts.

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