From Mulan

Mulan Lunar New Year  by Natasha Yim

Telling a Chinese story by western way, Mulan series has done a wonderful job. It’s kind of a shame that Chinese market is now driven by capital but not by enthusiasm. Anyway, specially edited themed stories can be a good way for more cultural backgrounds to be known.

A Day in the Sun by Disney Book Group

Hi! my name is Olaf. I am a snowman.

Olaf’s Night Before Christmas  by Disney Book Group

A Disney Read-Along Narrated by Olaf!

Lava  by Disney Book Group

One of my Ukulele-beginning songs. Happy as always! Lava you!

The Good Dinosaur  by Disney Book Group

Beauty and the Beast  by Disney Book Group

Why in Fairy tales there’re always girls and boys get married, old wise and old wicked helping and cursing. Just where is the middle-aged hard-working, miserable men and women? It’s unfair that such large portion got neglected totally. Maybe becoming middle-age was harder before or humans just die before the modern-defined middle-age.