The Terrible Two -Terrible Two Series, Book 1, by Mac Barnett, Jory John

& audio book

Jory John is the author of All My Friends Are Dead

Welcome to Yawnee Valley!

For I am a prankster.

So be it.

The Terrible Two Get Worse-Terrible Two Series, Book 2

Principal Barkin is just so funny. Good to know there’s more books for Niles and Miles on the way. Oh my, the familiarity of their secret way to celebrate a success prank, it was purely exciting.

The Terrible Two Go Wild – Terrible Two Series, Book 3

All of the characters are just so identifiable in a funny way. The third one is surely just as good as always.

The Terrible Two’s Last Laugh – Terrible Two Series, Book 4

Mills is moving again. Niles and Miles have done really nice grace notes. But I just don’t want it to be over.

But of course lives can change all of a sudden. They often do. Sad.

The first book of this series was finished during my happy vacation in Hilton, Queens Town, New Zealand, the first long haul travel all by myself. So the first cover of this series does revoke memories of the beautiful scenery of Lake Wakatipu, duck-feeding, the marvelous sunset and all those zigzag roads.

When I came to the final one of Terrible Two two years later, it became Suva where I’m staying .The thing is, I haven’t even heard of this place until I’ve moved in. The series does have marked a good part of my overseas footprint. Honestly time here in Fiji has not been quite kind to me. Somehow I have lost my once-has-been-true-love, which happened to be my first love. We had been madly in love with each other, or more likely it was just my fancy hallucination, anyway we didn’t make it till the end.

So maybe this is just how ephemeral life works. Things just change, and for most of the time we could do nothing about it. I literally got broken down, helplessly soaked in desperation and misery, madly compulsively traced every piece of details in my memory for a sensible explanation. Somehow after all whirlpools and wild turbulent flows of extreme emotions I found myself gathered together and became an even much much better me. July 2, 2019 @ Suva

It is absurdly pathetic one has to remain cool and collected while suffering utterly bitterness as everyone loves a young and cheerful maiden rather than a sour and desperate one. I have decided, the reason why I’m always so bothered may simply be that I have more time for it. Sep 25, 2019 @ Suva